Cytonus Therapeutics survey

Gathering feedback to understand and improve the experience of patients & caregivers


40% of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetimes. Broad investment and increased awareness has led to dramatic improvements in survival rates for many common types of cancers; in the United States the overall cancer death rate has declined over 26% since 1991. However, there are still many cancer patients who feel as if they’ve been handed a death sentence, rather than a diagnosis, as many rare cancer forms, like Triple Negative Breast Cancer, still have extremely low survival rates. 

One of the main contributing factors keeping survival rates low for patients with rare cancers is that aggressive tumors require aggressive treatments. Most patients are unable to tolerate such intense treatments via traditional methods (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy) because they are just too powerful; in many cases the minimum treatment threshold for hard-to-treat cancer types can be strong enough to cause traumatic side effects and even death.

Cytonus Therapeutics’ proprietary CARGOCYTE™ cell platform of therapeutics has been developed to target the most difficult-to-treat cancers. The founders, with over 40 years of combined experience in surgery, commercialization of innovative medical technologies, and internationally recognized academic research in biotechnology, have engineered enucleated cells that can carry multiple therapeutic payloads in a precise, safe, and predictable manner to specific targets, such as cancer cells.

Preparing to move forward into clinical trials, Cytonus Therapeutics is changing the paradigm of cancer therapy and beyond. Successful testing and commercialization of the CARGOCYTE™ platform will lead to massive improvements in both patient experience and outcomes for individuals suffering from rare cancers and diseases.

If you currently have a diagnosis of cancer, or are the primary caregiver for someone with cancer, we invite you to participate in our survey. If you choose to participate, all personal information will be kept confidential. Data and feedback collected in the survey will allow Cytonus to better understand the patient and caregiver experience, as well as identify the ways in which our technology has the potential to improve the experience and overall health of those battling rare cancers and diseases.