Cargocyte™️: An Innovative Drug Delivery Platform

We think about patients and medicine differently


We believe that science is closer than it has ever been to solving the most pressing of human disease afflictions, but one common unmet need is often overlooked: the ability to actively target diseased cells without harming healthy cells.

Cytonus© was founded with a simple goal: to focus treatment where it is needed. Our innovative approach addresses the limitations all powerful therapeutics have: toxicity and off-target effects, by which otherwise life-saving therapeutics fail in clinical trials or having suboptimal effect on disease. We have addressed these problems with a targeted, controllable, and safe drug-delivery platform that revolutionizes how we treat disease.

Introducing the Cargocyte™

A transformative drug-delivery platform.


Our proprietary Cargocyte drug-delivery platform is a biological drone that is programmed to go to specific tissues and produce a therapeutic at the site of the disease for a specific time period.

Our technology was developed at University of California, San Diego via collaborations with leading international academic laboratories and industry partners. Scalable manufacturing, biobankability, and rapid patient-specific customization of our Cargocyte enables broader patient access to our first-in-class, best-in-class, precision medicine solution.


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