The Future of Precision Medicine

Cytonus Therapeutics Inc. is a San Diego-based biotech company that has developed a vast platform of proprietary immunotherapeutic products to treat a wide range of medical conditions including cancers, infectious diseases, inflammatory diseases and cognitive disorders, and to improve patient outcomes. Its proprietary Cargocyte™ technologies are next-generation biomolecular delivery transporters which have numerous medical applications across unmet therapeutic areas. Cargocytes™ are engineered to safely transport a multiplicity of therapeutic payloads into difficult-to-reach targeted tissues, and can be programmed to deliver selective, potent, and controllable “off-the-shelf” therapies. Cytonus’ vast platform of therapeutics and vaccines has the potential to improve the health and lives of people with life-threatening conditions.

Cytonus’ dual mission is to:

  • Advance the science of biomolecular delivery solutions in ways that will increase the safety, performance, cost-efficiency, and scalability of the therapeutics that improve the health and life experiences of humans around the world.
  • Attract and retain exceptionally talented people who share our vision, and build a winning team where Together Each Achieves More.

Therapeutic Cargocytes

Cytonus’ platform technology is based on its proprietary CARGOCYTE™ bio-molecular delivery transporters. These biologic transporters are engineered from enucleated cells and then programmed to carry and produce multiple therapeutic payloads in a precise, safe, and predictable manner. In more than 300 experiments conducted over the past five years, Cargocytes have demonstrated highly differentiated capabilities compared with other drug delivery solutions that are currently in today’s market. Among these numerous sources of differentiation are Cargocyte’s unique abilities to (i) actively and efficiently deliver powerful therapeutics directly into targeted cells by “homing” to targeted tissues, (ii) locate and activate the body’s immune system to attack infections, diseased tissues and cancer cells, and (iii) be manufactured at scale to enable the rapid and efficient deployment of life-saving therapeutics and vaccine preventions, to address the needs of healthcare systems to treat the world’s human populations.

Key attributes for drug deliveryTILCAR-TCARGOCYTE™
Homogeneous SourceX
Unlimited EngineeringXX
Controllable EngraftmentXX
Safe after EngineeringXX or

TIL- Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte
CAR-Chimeric Antigen Receptors

Time-lapse video of Lifeact-RFP hTERT MSCs and derived Cargocytes (red) migrating through 1 µm and 15µm constrictions inside a microfluidic device towards chemoattractant (FBS). The enucleated Cargocytes migrate faster through the small constrictions, likely due to the absence of the large/dense nucleus. The MSCs and Cargocytes were stained with nuclear dye Hoechst 33342 (blue). Video courtesy of J. Keys (Lammerding Lab, Cornell).

Our pipeline

Cytonus’ vast platform technology uniquely positions us to become the Delivery Solution Partner for the World’s Leading Therapeutics Companies. We have entered strategic partnership discussions with pharma companies whose specific products will be enhanced with increased safety and effectiveness when packaged in a Cargocyte for delivery to targeted tissues. We believe these licensing and co-development commercial opportunities will add significant value for these strategic partners, and also translate into significant future potential returns for our company. In addition to serving as a Delivery Solution for other companies’ therapeutics, Cytonus is developing and commercializing its own proprietary pipeline of therapeutics and vaccine technologies. We believe the biotech industry will continue to be one of the most exciting sectors with many promising opportunities for future investment. Cytonus stands out among them for its vast platform that repeatedly demonstrates truly differentiated advantages.


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