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At Cytonus, we think about drug delivery differently. Breaking away from current paradigm, the products at Cytonus are designed for precise homing to disease tissue and highly localized therapeutic activity. Our goal is to significantly improve patient outcomes while minimizing systemic toxicity or unintended side-effects.

The Cargocyte platform at Cytonus has diverse applications as it can be engineered to target specific tissues and can deliver strategic therapeutic payloads.

The Cargocyte™: An innovative drug-delivery platform.


Cargocyte is an innovative cell-based drug transporter that can deliver therapeutics specifically to a disease site in the body. Cargocytes are administered systemically but act locally to optimize therapeutic outcomes and minimize toxicities or off-target effects. They can access difficult to treat tissues to address critical unmet needs for patients.

Cargocytes are engineered cells, that are enucleated and carry a therapeutic payload for targeted specifically at the site of disease.

  • Engineered: Improve homing, tissue retention.
  • Enucleated: Improve safety and enhance motility
  • Carries a therapeutic payload: mRNA encoding any protein, oncolytic viruses, gene editing tools

Distinct from other platforms, Cargocytes can synthesize and secrete proteins locally at the target tissue and serve as protein factories in vivo.

Cargocytes go to specific tissues, produce a therapeutic at the site of the disease, for a known duration.


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