Best-in-class therapeutics
designed for optimal patient outcomes

Cargocytes can achieve targeted delivery of potent therapeutics specifically at disease sites and can shift the paradigm of how patients are treated. They’re designed to overcome restrictive barriers and penetrate hard-to-treat tissues where limited therapeutic success has been observed, especially for patients with critical unmet needs.

Cargocytes are versatile and can be customized to produce best-in-class therapeutics for a given clinical application. Along with robust manufacturing that yields a consistent and reproducible product, they’re designed to be allogeneic and can be produced at large scale for
off-the-shelf access.

Starting cell

(MSC’s, NK, T cells)

  • Immortalized
  • Renewable Bank
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Cell engineering

Express surface molecules:

  • Tissue targeting
  • Therapeutic molecule
  • Customized for application
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Remove nucleus but retain:

  • Protein synthesis
  • Metabolic functions


  • Cell motility
  • Safety
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Ready for therapeutic loading:

  • Customized for indication
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A Scalable, Modular Platform

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