A message from our CEO

Dear Colleagues,

In 1999, I was an eager and excited second-year medical student looking forward to learning the pathology of disease and the practice of its eradication. I couldn’t have imagined the learning I was about to do – firsthand – when I was diagnosed with lymphoma. For the first time, I thought about my own mortality and the arc of life. Fortunately, the cancer had a favorable prognosis, and although the therapy was difficult, I had a complete recovery. Cancer effects not only the patient but also loved ones, and it would not be the last time my family grappled with fear and loss. My younger cousin, with whom I was very close, would succumb to lymphoma at the age of 34. Sadly, my personal story is not unique – few of us are unaffected by cancer and the wake of its devastation.

At Cytonus, we are driven by our personal experiences with illness and the longstanding suffering they cause for patients and loved ones. When my co-founder Richard Klemke and I started this company, we understood the transformative nature the Cargocyte would have on humanity and were committed to this cause from day one. Our corporate culture, rooted in our personal and professional experiences, provides the foundation for us to conduct our research to fulfill our responsibilities to society. Cytonus stands at the frontier of innovative medical science to fulfill the expectations we have for ourselves, the patients we aim to serve, and their families.

Remo Moomiaie-Qajar, M.D.
President and CEO

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